Enniskillen Baptist Church

"But we preach Christ crucified..." 1 Corinthians 1:23


Welcome to the website for Enniskillen Baptist Church.  Enniskillen Baptist Church is an Evangelical Christian fellowship based in the town of Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. You are warmly invited to the following services DV :

Friday  –  12  February 2016  

6.45  pm   No Young Peoples Meeting due half term break holiday

Lord’s Day  –  Sunday  14  February  2016

10.30  am  Sunday School
11.30  am  Ministry meeting
followed by breaking of bread
6.30  pm  Prayer Time
7.00  pm  Gospel Meeting
speaker at both services  :  Howard McNally (pastor)

Wednesday  17  February 2016  

8.00  pm  Bible study  –  The life of David
speaker  :  Howard McNally (pastor)
9.00  pm  Prayer Meeting

Friday  –   19  February 2016  

6.45  pm   Young Peoples Meeting

Lord’s Day  –   Sunday  21  February  2016

10.30  am  Sunday School
11.30  am   Ministry Meeting
followed by breaking of bread
6.30  pm Prayer Time
7.00  pm   Gospel Meeting
speaker at both services  :  Howard McNally (pastor)

Wednesday   –  24  February 2016

8.00  pm   Bible study – The Life of David The Anointing of David – 1 Sam 16     No.  3 Saul has been rejected as king by God – God orders Samuel to go & anoint a son of Jesse in Bethlehem as the next king of Israel speaker  :  Howard McNally (pastor) 9.00  pm  Prayer Meeting

All meetings on Sundays & Wednesdays are recorded

Free CD’s are available at all services