Enniskillen Baptist Church

title no. 50 – the Lamb of God


Jn 1V29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

The John spoken of here in our text is John the Baptist and was preaching out in the wilderness.  Crowds flocked from the cities, towns and villages for to hear this man speak. On this particular day as he was addressing the congregation before him he saw in the distance the Lord Jesus coming towards him.  He immediately turned the attention of the people to the Lord Jesus and said of him – behold the Lamb of God which taketh away in the sin if the world.   We should always be careful to quote this correctly.  Note it said ‘the sin of the world’ and not the sins of the world.  If that were the case we would be preaching ‘universal salvation’ for all and therefore no need to preach the gospel message anymore if everyone was going to be saved eventually.

John looked upon Jesus as the Lamb of God.  Again note the word lamb has a capital L for it is not a woolly little creature in the field at spring time but the title of this most wonderful person ever to walk this earth that John had in mind.   To the Jew the lamb was the animal they associated with the sacrifice for sins.  The Lord Jesus would become that one great and ultimate sacrifice for sins on the cross of Calvary.

By the very mention of the Lamb of God – this was not the lamb of the people or of any person.  This was a very special lamb for it was God’s own lamb selected and sent down from heaven for this great purpose.  Only God’s lamb was fit for the purpose of taking away the sin of the world.  He did it at the place called Calvary.  No wonder we sing ‘burdens are lifted at Calvary Jesus us very near.’

Hallelujah what a Saviour.

Howard  McNally     01.09.11